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Questions to ask a surgeon

Choosing the right specialist is extremely important, and you should feel confident that your surgeon is the right one for you. Listed below are some common questions that people should ask their surgeon, with Mr Tehrani’s own answers to help give more information on his practice.


Is skin cancer your main speciality? Mr Tehrani has dedicated his career to skin cancer care, in particular basal cell carcinomas, and is the regional lead for Mohs surgery.

How many surgical procedures have you performed? As with many things, surgical skills and results usually improve with experience. Mr Tehrani has peformed well in excess of 10,000 procedures, which has brought him to the level of being a senior surgical trainer.

Who will perform my reconstruction? Mohs surgeons are often Dermatologists, and whilst some are well versed in complex reconstructive surgery, many will refer you elsewhere for your reconstruction; this may be in a different hospital, on a different day, and involve further costs. As Mr Tehrani is a Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon, he is almost always able to personally reconstruct your wound on the same day as your Mohs surgery, thereby reducing pain, inconvenience and costs, and optimising outcomes.

What is your complication rate? Surgeons should be able to quote their rate of complications, which includes rates of wound infection, graft or flap failures, and postoperative bleeding issues. Mr Tehrani’s rate is 0.2%

What if I have a problem post-operatively? If you have any issues after your surgery, you should be confident that plans are in place for your aftercare. Mr Tehrani’s team will give you information of where to call or attend to see his team any time of any day, with 24 hour specialist Plastic surgery care available.


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This information is provided for general knowledge only and does not replace information provided by healthcare professionals. If you have any concerns of any skin growth, you should consult a medical professional urgently.