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Health insured patients


Does Mr Tehrani see patients with health insurance?

Yes, Mr Tehrani is recognised by a large number of health insurers, including the larger insurers such as BUPA, Axa PPP and Aviva, and others such as WPA, Exeter Friendly and Vitality.


How does the health insurance process work?

When you book your consultation with Mr Tehrani (call Hazel on 0151 430 1901), please say you are insured and who with. It will be very helpful if you have your membership number to hand.

You will need to have your consultation authorised by your insurer. All you need to do is call them to say you want to have a consultation with Mr Tehrani, and they should give you an authorisation number.

When you have your consultation with Mr Tehrani, he will advise what sort of treatment you might need. Mr Tehrani’s team can then contact your insurer for you, and give them the codes for this treatment. Mr Tehrani’s team will then let you know when you need to contact your insurer, to be given your authorisation code for the treatment. Sometimes this is the same authorisation number as your consultation.


Will I need to pay anything towards treatment?

This very much depends on your insurance policy. Sometimes your policy may have a ‘shortfall’ or ‘excess’ clause, which means that you have to pay the first part of the payment. For example, if your excess is £100, then the insurer will only pay part of the fee and you would have to pay the first £100.

If your policy has no excesses or limits attached to it, then you will usually have no extra payments to make. Mr Tehrani always works within the fees paid by your insurer, and won’t ask for any extra ‘top up’ payments.


I’m still unsure of the insurance process….

Don’t worry, Mr Tehrani’s team can explain further and help reduce any stress. Please call Hazel on 0151 430 1901, and she will go through everything with you.


What about my work health insurance?

Health insurance that you have through work or other means usually works in the same way, and Mr Tehrani is recognised by work-based health insurers. Please call Hazel for more information.


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This information is for general knowledge only and does not replace information provided by healthcare professionals. If you have any concerns about any skin growth, or the treatment options, you should consult a medical professional urgently