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Basal cell carcinoma pictures: BCC of the cheek, near ear

Picture of basal cell carcinoma on the cheek, just in front of the ear

Picture of a basal cell carcinoma on the cheek (just in front of ear).

Basal cell carcinomas can be quite subtle at first, like this 'infiltrative' basal cell carcinoma. These types of BCC can grow for quite some time before being visible or, as seen here, they are noticed when they start to flake, crust and even bleed. Any 'spots' which seem to come and go, are getting larger, or which itch, crust or bleed should be checked to exclude basal cell carcinoma

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This information is provided for general basal cell carcinoma knowledge only and does not replace information provided by healthcare professionals. If you have any concerns of any skin growth, you should consult a medical professional urgently.